Hakuhodo G5519 Cheek Round Flat

Material BkSLN

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Hakuhodo G524 Eyebrow Diagonal.

A cheek brush made of gray squirrel hair that is gentle on the skin. Place the color lightly on your skin and then move the brush in a sliding motion. Gray squirrels have very delicate hair, so move the hair in order to prevent it from standing on end, and use the ends of the hair that are lined up on the surface. Layering the colors little by little creates an even, matte finish.

Application: Powder, Cheek
Hair Material: Gray squirrel
Shaft Material/Color: Wooden axis/Black
Metal fittings Material/Color:  Nickel Brass/Silver
Size Total length:(medium) 153mm, (short) 138mm, (standard) 173mm, (long) 203mm, (champagne gold) 178mm Hair length: 38mm Thickness: 15.5mm

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