Hacci Skip Wash
Hacci Skip Wash
Hacci Skip Wash
Hacci Skip Wash


Hacci Skip Wash

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Hacci Skip Wash.

"Honey powder coating formula" highly acclaimed by beauty sages
Two types of enzyme powder are coated with honey powder*, which is rich in skin-beautifying ingredients, using our unique technology. Removes rough skin and dirt in pores that cannot be removed by just washing your face.
*Honey, royal jelly, propolis extract

Fluffy powder like snow powder wrapped in honey has a smooth texture that revolutionizes the concept of enzyme facial cleansing.

Every time I use it, my skin care penetrates, my makeup goes on, and my mood improves!
Please incorporate it into your daily face wash and experience moist and smooth skin.

A scent of honey rose filled with happiness.

    1 pack is 1 serving. Take the entire amount of one packet in the palm of your hand and lather it well and wash it by stroking it gently. Then wash off.