Hacci Sheet Mask

Size 6 sheets

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Glow and hydration provided by honey- Make your skin so lovable that people get envious. "Most masks become dry on the plane..." Hacci's sheet mask that hydrates even in the harsh environments where cosmic-ray falls and the humidity is below 20%.
  • Fully moisturized with the power of honey-
    Honey draws beauty ingredients into the skin *, royal jelly extract * that prevents dryness and texture, and hydrolyzed collagen that softens and moisturizes the skin.
  • Rich suppleness for resilience-
    Specifically developed to help skin cope with various environmental stressors. Scutellaria baicalensis root extract helps skin retain elasticity while oligopeptide-6* aids the skin's stratum corneum layer seal in hydration for youthful suppleness.
  • The double power helps maintain a clear complexion-
    Contains both peony extract * and broadleaf plantain seed * to keep skin clear while supporting elasticity and hydration
  • 32ml for 6 sheets