Hacci Proplis Capsule

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Hacci Proplis Capsule.

All the grace of honey bees! Aprecious grace that honey bees bring for beauty and health.
Antibacterial power to protect the nest of honeybees, advance with precious natural power.

Propolis is the wall that protects the nest from air pollution, bacteria and viruses. Propolis is made by collecting the resin from the bark and sprouts of the honey bee and combining it with the enzymes of the honey bee. It keeps the nest clean and sterile, protecting the life of the bees.

Propolis is a natural substance created by honeybees to protect their important nests. Bees are very sensitive to air pollution and bacterial infections. It collects tar from the shoots and bark of plants and mixes it with the enzyme of honeybee to make propolis, which is applied to the doorway and walls of the nest, and protects the nest from water, cold air, bacteria, and external enemies. Propolis contains hundreds of useful ingredients such as fatty acids, amino acids, organic acids, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Uses propolis, which is mainly made from plants such as eucalyptus and alekulin. Propolis extract extracted so as not to break useful ingredients was powdered and placed in capsules.

Recommended for those who have accumulated stress, are likely to catch a cold, and have a tendency to lose their habits with age. Supports your health by incorporating propolis, including flavonoids and aterpirin C, into your daily life.

  • How to use - Take 3 to 5 tablets daily with water or hot water.
  • 120 grains