Hacci Pollen Capsules

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Hacci Pollen Capsules.

The grace of honey bees! A precious gift that honeybee carries for beauty and health. A balanced nutritional food of honeybee! A new habit in your daily diet.

Mitsubachi pollen is the source of the power to grow and live the body of honeybee. The honeybee pollen is made of honeybee pollen, which is the key to the growth of plants, and the enzyme of honeybee is incorporated into it.

Balances the nutrients your body needs - The honey bee pollen is the honey bee pollen that moves from flower to flower, puts it in a pollen bag, and rolls it with a foot to form a dumpling. It contains all the nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in addition to the proteins, sugars, and amino acids that make up the body in a well-balanced manner, and is a nutrient source that can be said to be the staple food of honeybee.

Soft capsule type that is easy to drink - To make it easy to drink every day, olive oil and vitamin E are added to pollen to make soft capsules that are easy to drink.

Stay fit and not lose the season - The pollen also contains mucin, which is said to be effective as a countermeasure for the feeling of mumminess in early spring.

  • How to use - Take 3 to 5 tablets daily with water or hot water.