Hacci Perfume Shampoo

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Floaty, voluptuous, and lustrous hair.

Voluminous yet floaty hair with a luster that comes from within. HACCI's perfume magic makes you think your hair type changed. 

The concept of Perfume Shampoo is "Red" and "Perfume" in a beautifully designed red bottle that has an image of a mature woman, the shampoo containing "ingredients having red image" to help create a beautiful woman. By delivering the magic of red to each strand of hair, it helps restore damages.

  • Carefully selected beautifying agents bring out the allure of "red" magic The shampoo includes "red" ingredients such as pomegranate fruit extract, rosa multiflora fruit extract, and bilberry leaf extract, which combine to quickly help repair hair damaged by coloring, while also protecting colors from fading.
  • The non-silicon composition thoroughly removes build-up, while natural vitamin E (tocopherol ) *and rice bran oil* ingredients moisturize the scalp.​ ​
  • The fragrance heightens the imagination and sensuality which are essential to life. It is made like a perfume with HACCI's original fragrance that begins with an innocent fragrance that turns into a deeply feminine fragrance, then leaves a light after scent.
  • 240ml