Hacci Moist Lip Essence BEE KISS Bulgarian Rose

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Hacci Moist Lip Essence BEE KISS Bulgarian Rose.

Honey is produced when bees kiss

A pure gift made with luxurious honey that shines like a jewel.
"Honey" sparkles in amber color and is created when bees kiss each other, receiving the power of seasonal flowers.
This is the ultimate lip essence created by HACCI, a honey expert.

A lady rose that adds a gorgeous bloom that looks like it suddenly bloomed.
Luxurious use of Bulgarian rose honey. A fresh rosy color that gives you a euphoric complexion.
For those who are concerned about dry lips and anti-aging care.


    Dispense an appropriate amount and apply it to your lips.
    It can be used not only as a lip gloss, but also as a base for lipstick or as a moisturizing lipstick.
    Recommended for changing nuances to add shine.