Hacci Luxury Cottion


Hacci Luxury Cottion

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Soft cotton that is knitted by the work of water.
HACCI original cotton that is 100% high quality natural cotton, has excellent absorbency and release properties, has a smooth surface and is fluffy. It was born in pursuit of ideal cotton and searching all over Japan.
Soft and fluffy texture. The secret is the work of water. - In order not to spoil the softness, we knit the fibers by entwining the fibers with the help of water without using any adhesive. It has a soft, fluffy and soft feel.
100% natural cotton. Zero-fluff stress-free cotton - 100% high quality natural cotton. Prevents fluffing with a special finish that does not leave fibers on the skin. It has excellent absorbency and release properties and can be used without straining the skin.

Large size that can be used for the body - Large size of 8.5 cm x 6 cm. It is a thin and easy-to-stretch cotton that can be used for a wide range of applications from face to body care.
  • 100 sheets