Hacci Honey Lotion - Hinkaku

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Hacci Honey Lotion - Hinkaku.

Dignity is the refined nobility and beauty that people and objects can feel. A woman's skin truly symbolizes her dignity and aesthetic sense.

-HINKAKU- was born from the encounter between honey and biotechnology. A variety of amino acids are needed to create a comfortable environment for skin growth. We focused on the balance of amino acids used in the composition of cell culture fluid and applied it to -HINKAKU-. It helps to maintain healthy skin that is damaged by daily damage and maximize the original beauty.

The mellow, rich, golden, and juicy texture that makes you feel "honey" is the optimal balance, and the honey itself is fully contained. Highly moisturizing power unique to HACCI is delivered to the skin (horny layer).

The best balance of carefully selected extracts that support the original beauty of the skin. It gently moisturizes the skin. Every time you use it, you should be awakened with a beauty that radiates and shines, just like a new skin.How to use -

  • How to use - After washing your face, apply lotion of lotion on cotton and fit it to the roundness of your face to gently apply. If your skin is sensitive, do not use cotton, wrap the lotion in your palm as you wrap it, and gently press it down to bring it into close contact.
  • 150 ml