Hacci Honey Face Oil

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Hacci Honey Face Oil

Wrapped in the scent that both your skin and your heart are looking for...
A blissful organic oil that tightly traps the scent of roses. Beautifully timed and beautiful skin.

The best balance of organic sunflower seed oil*1 containing abundant natural vitamin E, Argania spinosa kernel oil and rose extract etc. contains honey. The mellow texture quickly adapts to the skin, giving it a glow and velvet-like smoothness.

A refined scent that combines elegance with Damascus essential oil and geranium essential oil, which are said to be valuable fragrances even in the sacred ground of perfume, Grasse. Escape from your busy routine and awaken the forgotten femininity. (You can feel the scent differently depending on your physical condition and mood. Please feel yourself on the day with the scent of Escape.)

Rose extract was selected to keep the time beautifully. Natural oil extracted from "Rosehip's fruit" which is rich in beauty ingredients necessary for the skin in its natural form. The texture of the skin that tends to be disturbed is adjusted, and the tense skin is loosened, and the skin is softened and softened.

  • How to use - Gently massage 3 to 4 drops once or twice daily on your face or neck. You can use it before or after applying lotion according to the skin condition.
  • 30ml