Hacci Fermented Liquid Lotion

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Hacci Fermented Liquid Lotion.

Lotion allows you to feel the power of honey fermentation liquid directly.
If you apply it with a comfortable thick texture, it will be drawn into the skin like it will crumble and fill with moisture.
Moisture spreads at once, as if your skin had awakened, and expectations for tomorrow's skin will rise more than today's skin.
It is moisturized but has a light feel.

Uses lavender flower honey. Approaching the potential of the skin so that the start dash to beauty can be done vigorously.

Contains algae Snow Algae  and Yukinoshita extract  that can live in harsh environments. A soothing, thick lotion penetrates so that it can be pulled in smoothly.
It protects the skin from environmental stress*⁵ and makes the skin smooth and textured.

  • 150ml