Hacci Comb Honey

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The luxury of consuming the whole gift from honeybees.

Because the honeycomb is cut out as it is, it is packed with natural nutrients.
The nutritional value is very high, so please enjoy it as it is.
It is recommended not only for special gifts but also for those with a high awareness of health and for home use.

How to eat
Cut it out and leave it as it is.
Or you can put it on bread and warm it with an oven toaster.
Scoop it off with the included wooden knife. It becomes easier to eat if you break it into pieces.

What remains in your mouth is beeswax that is rich in nutrients. Please enjoy as it is.
Because beeswax floats, it is recommended that you eat it directly rather than a sweetener such as a drink.

Per 100g [estimated value]
Energy 350kcal / Protein 0.3g / Fat 3.7g / Carbohydrate 80.1g / Salt equivalent 0.03g