Hacci Aqua UV

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Hacci Aqua UV.

Popular No. 1 sunscreen milk, Aqua UV R (Recipe) debuts. It will be delivered as a regular product that can be purchased throughout the year.
Fresh and comfortable texture with high UV cut effect. The product protect skin moisture with superior skincare function and can use every day regardless of the season. It can be used as a makeup base to smooth out skin irregularities and keep the finish of beautiful base makeup.

  • SPF 50+ and PA ++++
  • Skincare UV Milk Protecting My Skin 365 Days - 
    Light and fresh, melt comfortable texture with UV cut effect of the highest spec in the country. The excellent skincare function that does not stop the season protects the skin.
  • Even laughing is beautiful. Finishing the morning with stretch gel - 
    The 3D stretch gel that moves according to the expression covers pores and irregularities. Smooth and smooth skin, make-up finish, rice cakes are also up. It can also be used as a makeup base.
  • Save water on your skin, save moisture UV care - 
    For cosmetic ingredients such as yuzu fruit extract that contains highly moisturizing honey and natural fruit ceramides and moisture magnet that catches water in the stratum corneum and keeps it in place, it is used for water that is stored fresh and moist.
  • Pre-aging care while UV care. To bright and clear skin 
  • Refreshing and elegant scent of white bouquet - 
    The sparkling scent of fresh citrus fruits was gently wrapped in elegant jasmine
  • 30g