Ginga-do Mt Fuji Sake Cup

Style CupA 盃

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Tin Drinkware

Drink Up and Get Good Luck!

This unique shaped tin drinkware is dedicated to the traditional sand casting technique which has been handed onto craftspeople in Takaoka for 400 years. The collection will enchant you with creamy foam on your beer or round Japanese wine.

Mount Fuji is probably the most well-known Japanese mountain. Admired by Japanese people, the mountain has been chosen as the subject of the paintings by many artists. One of the most famous images would be Mt Fuji reflecting on the lake. The image of Mt Fuji mirrored in the water is called "Sakasa Fuji (the inverted image of Mt Fuji)". It is so popular but rare to see that you are lucky if you can see the "Sakasa Fuji" view.

Tin tumbler – Mt Fuji, enjoy the miniature-sized "Sakasa Fuji" view. This Mt Fuji sake cup will bring you good luck.

  • Material: pure tin
  • Size: Cup A (sakazuki): H45 x W40 x D11mm/ 63ml
  • Size: Cup B (choko): H48 × W78 D10mm / 150g/ 30ml