Flora Notice Jill Stuart Bittersweet Osmanthus Hand Cream

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Flora Notice Jill Stuart Bittersweet Osmanthus Hand Cream.

A hand cream with a mellow touch that provides rich moisture to your hands.
Leaves your hands feeling smooth and moisturized, just like after using high-quality oil.
This is one of the most moisturizing hand creams from Floranautis.
A limited-edition design package depicting an autumn landscape with the scent of osmanthus at dusk.

The scent of bittersweet osmanthus blooms on your fingertips.
It melts into your skin, leaving your hands feeling plump and soft.

A bitter scent that combines the elegant sweetness of osmanthus with a mature charm.



Top: bergamot, pear
Middle: osmanthus, orange flower, tea
Last: Kuromoji, vanilla, musk