Femmue Dream Glow Mask PF

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Femmue Dream Glow Mask PF (Hari Aging Care).

A stress-free natural sheet mask that generously gives adult skin firmness and shine.
It does not come off, does not dry, and is not heavy. A mask that uses the ultra-fine fiber "Dry Bio-Cellulose Sheet", which is a 100% naturally derived material, in pursuit of skin-friendly and functional properties. Adenosine and hyaluronic acid are blended, and aging care * beauty essence that focuses on fine wrinkles and sagging due to dryness reaches every corner of the skin. Over time, the mask's holding power will increase, tightening the skin. Makes the skin look smooth and firm, full of fresh and moisturized skin. A faint citrus scent.

30mL x 6 pieces