Fancl Supplements for Women From the 60s

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Fancl Supplements for Women from Their 60s.

Carefully selected ingredients for women in their 60s and older who want to protect their future health, in one pack. Recommended for those who are thinking of taking supplements and those who do not know how to take them! We have made one pack of supplements suitable for age and gender. Anyone can easily choose the supplement that suits them.

Vitamin B & C
Basic vitamins that cannot be stocked in the body

Proteoglycan & Type II Collagen
Two attention-grabbing ingredients that support a smooth daily life

Reduced coenzyme Q10
Approaching energy and rust, useful for youthfulness

Blueberry & Lutein & Astaxanthin
Supporting the power you see every day

Ginkgo biloba & ferulic acid
Supporting clear everyday

DHA emulsified type & hydroxytyrosol
For stagnation due to disorder of lifestyle

Soy isoflavones & collagen & calcium
Supporting the beauty and health of adult women