Exideal Body Set

Color Champion Pink

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Exideal Body Set.

Product details: Features of Exideal. Uses 280 high-brightness, high-output 4-wavelength LEDs. A highly functional LED facial device for home use. (The 4-wavelength LED uses red LED, blue LED, yellow LED, and near-infrared ray. Near-infrared ray is colorless and transparent, so it is invisible to the eye. The LED bulb is not broken.)
4 Developed a unique photo program that effectively combines wavelength LEDs. This enables 10 modes of skincare treatment according to purpose, including the "T Zone" care program.
The wide variety of photo programs has made it possible to use the beauty salons that have been introduced in beauty salons at home. You can easily take care of your skin at home.

The light that is non-contact, does not contain ultraviolet rays and is safe.

A high-performance structure with a unique optical design that increases the emissivity and a large face that illuminates a wide area at once.

Equipped with an automatic irradiation wake-up function "wake-up mode" that informs you of the time to wake up. The light that shines in the morning regularly signals the time of awakening every morning.

-Exideal body / 1 unit
-Dedicated goggles case / 1 piece
-Dedicated goggles / 1 piece
-Dedicated adapter / 1 piece
-Dedicated storage case / 1 piece

<Specifications> -Product
number: EX-P280
-JAN: 4571263986517
・ Power supply method: Uses the attached dedicated adapter
・ Rated input (power supply): DC24V 1A
・ Rated power consumption: 20W (maximum)
・ Standby power consumption: 3W or less
・ LED drive output: 15W (maximum)
・ Weight: 1.66Kg
・ Product dimensions : Horizontal 206 mm x Vertical 300 mm x Height 30 mm
-Appropriate temperature:
 Operating temperature range / -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
 Storage temperature range / -5 ° C to + 45 ° C

100-240V compatible