Exicia AL Revision Lift Color
Exicia AL Revision Lift Color
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Exicia AL Revision Lift Color


Color PK100

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Exicia AL Revision Lift Color.

Brightness and firmness as you wish.
The secret to making makeup fun.
A skin color correction control makeup base that controls the nuances of the skin color and finishes the skin with radiant brightness and lively firmness.
It cuts UV rays that cause skin damage such as age spots, freckles, and dryness, and while caring for the skin during the day, it smoothly corrects irregularities such as texture, pores, and fine lines.
Treatment ingredients combination. The stretchy and supple veil gives light to the skin, while also responding to daytime skin changes such as wrinkles and dullness. Improves the fit of the foundation and keeps beautiful makeup for a long time.

20g/ 3 colours/ SPF20 PA ++