Excia Vibrant Glow Pack

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Excia Vibrant Glow Pack.

Beauty full of concentration, haste, and a sense of life.
A cream pack for aging care.

Adults are becoming increasingly concerned about their skin.
A special pack that will give you healthy, glowing skin with a vibrant glow and plump firmness.
The rich, rich cream spreads smoothly and wraps your skin in blissful comfort.
The cream melts into your skin, leaving you with a glowing, glossy, firm skin that doesn't feel dark.


    After applying the emulsion, take an almond-sized amount (approximately 1.4 g) with the included spatula, place it on 5 areas of the face (forehead, both cheeks, nose, and chin), and then spread it over the entire face. After leaving it on for 2-3 minutes, blend any remaining cream into your skin. After that, please use lotion.

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