Excia Extra Slim Rouge

Color PK100 raspberry pink
Style Set

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Excia Extra Slim Rouge.

A slim type lip color that creates sophisticated lips with deep, high-quality color and a dense texture with a soft shine.
It spreads smoothly and comfortably, fits perfectly with your lips, and maintains a beautiful finish.
You can delicately draw details such as the contours of your lips and the corners of your mouth, allowing you to freely create a beautiful lip shape.

6 colors, 1.0g


Turn the dial at the bottom of the container to the right little by little, and pull out about 1 to 2 mm before use. After use, turn it to the left and return it.

Precautions for use

◇ Do not extend more than 3 mm. It is a container that does not return more than 3 mm. Please note that if you put it out too much, it may break or collapse.
◇ After using for the first 3mm, the appearance will change, and it will come out little by little while making a clicking sound.
◇ After use, wipe the inside of the cap and the mouth of the container with tissue paper, etc., and straighten the cap.
◇ Do not leave in a place exposed to high temperature or sunlight.
◇ Be careful when using it as it will not come off if it gets on clothing or cloth products.