Excia Exciting Head Massage

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Excia Exciting Head Massage.

Unraveling warmth → Awakening coldness.
For healthy and beautiful people up to the scalp.

A massage treatment for the scalp that allows you to perform a fulfilling massage with a base that changes from a comfortable warmth to a refreshing refreshing feeling.
With an exciting feel that makes you want to massage every day, it will squeeze into your scalp. (For flushing only).


Please use after shampooing and draining thoroughly. Apply an appropriate amount to the scalp while dividing the hair into small pieces.
From the groin to the top of the head, massage the scalp for 1 to 2 minutes by pulling it up while drawing a zigzag with the pad of your finger. Then rinse well.
You can also apply conditioner or hair treatment to the entire hair before rinsing and wash it off together.