Excia Antellisance Emulsion Foundation

Color OC101 Light Ocher Set

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Excia Antellisance Emulsion Foundation.

Make light your friend. Cover power that deceives yourself.
A foundation that creates flawless skin.

A soft-type foundation that creates a fine, smooth texture and creates a neat and beautiful skin with no blemishes.
Adhesion is high, and it fits flexibly without twisting. Produces crisp and firm skin.
It covers blemishes, color unevenness, pores, texture irregularities and shadows without making you feel thick or heavy, and keeps a beautiful finish for a long time.

6 colors, SPF30 PA+++ / 10g

After preparing your skin with a make-up base, take an appropriate amount of foundation on the special mat and spread it evenly over the entire face starting from the cheeks with a light touch. When applying to the mat, lightly stroke the surface. At that time, please be aware that if you apply too much force, you may get a lot.

Precautions for use

◇ If the amount used is small, sufficient UV protection effect cannot be obtained.
◇ After use, be sure to close the lid of the refill container firmly before closing the lid of the case.
◇When stored for a long period of time, the moisture may evaporate, causing the foundation to harden or the surface to crack. You can use it as it is, but we recommend that you use it up as soon as possible in order to use it more comfortably.
◇ There may be water droplets on the surface of the foundation, but there is no problem with the quality. Please use as is.
◇ Do not leave in places exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight.