Excia AL Joy Fleur Cleansing Oil


Excia AL Joy Fleur Cleansing Oil

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Albion Excia AL Joy Fleur Cleansing Oil.

Dense... A collection of carefully selected plants.
To your heart's content, the luxury of removing beauty oil.
Cleansing oil that gently wraps the skin with luxurious beauty oil *, cleanses every corner of the stratum corneum into bright and supple skin and leads the end of the day to a comfortable time when beauty blooms.

The rich, rich oil spreads softly and smoothly on the skin, quickly blends with makeup agents and dirt, and removes even the oxidized sebum that causes aging damage.

A moisturized and bright feeling after washing, for soft and supple skin.

How to use - Take an appropriate amount (2 to 3 pumps) on a dry palm and let it blend well with makeup and dirt. Then rinse with water or lukewarm water.

  • 180ml