Excia AL Extreme Charge Serum Mask


Excia AL Extreme Charge Serum Mask

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Albion Excia AL Extreme Charge Serum Mask.

Each drop is thick. Densely wraps bare skin.
Dream of a firm texture for tomorrow and a beautiful texture.
It is a mixed beauty essence that is mixed and used to prepare the skin's original beautiful skin.
The concentrated base spreads comfortably and delivers beauty ingredients to every corner. It actively supports the skin, smoothes the texture and leads to firm skin.

How to use - Before use, put the whole amount of 2 agents in the container of 1 agent, close the cap, shake it, and then attach the attached pump to use. (Do not use it alone.) After applying lotion, apply about 3 pumps to your palm and apply to the entire face. In order to use the product in a fresh state, after mixing, use one bottle once a day for 10 days.

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