Exage Shimmer Barrier Gel Serum

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Exage Shimmer Barrier Gel Serum

Protect the beauty of bare skin.
A solid barrier with a thick base.

A gel-like beauty essence that gives your skin a smooth, healthy and beautiful skin.The close-fitting base filled with rich moisture protects the skin as a barrier and actively supports the condition.


After applying lotion, take about 0.3g of soybean grains (about 0.3g) with the attached spatula, and apply it to the entire face from 5 places (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin).
Always keep the attached spatula clean.

* Whitening active ingredient: Tranexamic acid
● Barrier plus ingredient * combination. (Purpose of compounding: Moisturizing)
* PCA-Na (DL-sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate solution)
Condition the skin and give it a healthy skin that is resistant to rough skin and dryness.
● Contains white fungus polysaccharide and Houttuynia cordata extract. (Purpose of compounding: moisturizing)
● Contains essential oil (fragrance).
A pleasant scent that fills your heart will spread abundantly.
● Paraben (preservative) free