Etvos Moisturizing Lotion

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Etvos Moisturizing Lotion.

Among the ceramides, vegetable ceramide is used to support the moisturizing power of the skin, and the naturally derived moisturizing ingredient POs-Ca, the ingredient Lipidure that protects the skin's moisture, and hyaluronic acid are used. Well-balanced formulation. A moisturizing lotion that aims for moisturized skin with a smooth texture even during the dry season by supplementing the moisture and "supporting the barrier function of the skin".

Plant ceramide supports the moisturizing power of sensitive and easily tilted skin. Contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients. Prepares troubled skin due to dryness and makes skin fresh. Easy to use that fits well on the skin. Hypoallergenic prescription for sensitive skin. A gentle scent that wraps around the skin.