Etvos Mineral Radiant Skin Balm

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Etvos Mineral Radiant Skin Balm.

Three-dimensional effect with natural light and luster Highlight balm with plenty of beauty ingredients.
Enclose plenty of vegetable oil, which is a beauty ingredient, is a balm for highlighting.
Simply applies it to your eyes and cheeks to give your skin a fluffy light and create a glossy three-dimensional effect.
It is moisturized and easy to apply, and delivers moisture to every corner of the stratum corneum,
giving it firmness and keeping it glossy for a long time. Japan's first highlight balm that makes dry fine wrinkles inconspicuous with high skincare effect (efficacy evaluation test completed).

  • Both glossy and firm. For healthy skin with rich moisturizing power.
  • The power of nature, full of vitality, prepares the skin for a clear impression.
  • Three colors of delicate pearls give your bare skin an elegant luster.
  • Soap can be turned off and is gentle on the skin.

How to use - Apply it lightly to the place where you want to give it a gloss by tapping it on your finger. If you like, you can use the optional Duo Touch Brush to adjust the gloss to your liking. If you use it to finish makeup, you can add a glossy top coat, and if you use it before base makeup, you can add a natural gloss.