Etvos Mineral Lip Plumper Sheer

Color Apple Red

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Etvos Mineral Lip Plumper Sheer.

A beauty serum plumper that pursues "gentleness" and "moisture".
It is made with plenty of serum ingredients to give a deep treatment effect to delicate lips.
The smooth texture adheres to your lips just by applying it quickly. Brings fresh moisture and luster. For lips that are plump and fresh with good coloring and a three-dimensional effect that does not make you feel dull. Color your lips with trendy nuance colors.

  • The feeling of "wearing a moist veil" of beauty essence.
  • It's like a lip essence. Prevents roughness and makes your lips smooth.
  • Rich color collection that you can wear freely in your mood.
  • Uses a leaf type tip. Colors beautifully with a single coat.
  • Soap can be turned off and is gentle on the skin.
  • 5 colors