Etvos Mineral Fresh Skin Liquid

Color Light Beige

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Etvos Mineral Fresh Skin Liquid.

A beauty essence foundation that colors the skin with sheer luster full of moisture and high-quality bare skin.

A foundation that is lightweight and comfortable to wear has been created, creating a natural glow and transparency that is just like beautiful bare skin. With a highly moisturizing design similar to a serum and a protective veil with no gaps, it keeps the moisture in your skin without escaping. It has high skincare effects that make dry fine lines less noticeable. Although it is a thin film, it can cover dullness, age spots, dark circles, and fine wrinkles because the color pearl complex scatters light beautifully. With a hypoallergenic formula that is gentle on sensitive skin, it leaves your skin moisturized, glossy, and translucent.

SPF32, PA+++