Etvos Mineral Airy Touch Foundation (with case + puff)

Color Light Bright Skin Tone

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Etvos Mineral Airy Touch Foundation (with case + puff).

Airy yet moist and poreless.
Next-generation skin care pressed foundation is born, realized by ETVOS's first moisturizing oil manufacturing method.

Introducing a powder foundation with a light sense of unity and moisture that makes you forget you're wearing it.
What we wanted to deliver to sensitive skin that wants to avoid friction and burden is a “seamless” foundation that comfortably bridges the boundary between skin and makeup.

Soft powder wrapped in 4 types of moisturizing oil spreads smoothly and leaves no pores.
A soft and airy touch unique to "powder" to soften your expression.
It keeps the skin translucent as if smiling, and makes it light and airy.