Etvos Hair Oil Serum

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Etvos Hair Oil Serum.

Hair oil that is non-silicone and familiar to hair for those who are concerned about dryness and dryness of hair. With a light texture carefully selected from carefully selected plant-derived oils, it spreads quickly and gives hair gloss and suppleness. Contains hair repair ingredients, protects hair from heat and dry damage from dryers and fades hair color. It suppresses the stickiness that tends to occur in oil and achieves well-organized glossy hair that is less likely to cause hair breakage or split ends.


Used for wet hair after towel drying. Take 3-4 drops for long hair and 1-2 drops for short hair and apply to the hair. Layering is recommended for areas where damage is a concern.
If you're worried about dryness or spread, use morning hair styling instead. Take it in the palm of your hand, apply it to the dry part and let it blend in before styling.