Est Biomimesis Veil Diffuser


Style Est Biomimesis Veil Diffuser

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Est Biomimesis Veil Diffuser.

A dedicated device that blows an ultra-thin veil. Set and use the veil potion (sold separately). You can spray a light, soft, ultra-thin veil that freely follows the movement of the skin on the skin.

Accessories: Eye guard, stand, nozzle stick
Weight: Approximately 230g
Power supply method: Dry cell type 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)

Est Biomimesis Veil Potion, work with the diffuser. An ultra-thin veil liquid that integrates with the skin. Veil liquid to be set in the veil diffuser (sold separately). The capillary power of the ultra-fine fibers of the veil keeps the skin moisturized for a long time. 9ml about 45 times.