Dr Scalp II Second

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Dr. Scalp II Second.

The aim was an aging care machine that changed the first impression.

The first impression changes greatly with healthy hair and a firm look.
Doctor Scalp II has been reborn as an aging care machine that supports not only thinning hair and volume but also the entire head.

01 SP (Scramble Pulse Poration) Mode. Infiltrate beauty ingredients. By giving a special pain-free electric bals, the ingredients applied to the skin are replenished and the condition of the scalp and skin is adjusted.

02 MFIP mode. Comfortable tapping experience. Of the 12-pole elements, the 6-pole elements are divided into 1 group and 2 groups, and by continuously passing an electric pulse, you can get a comfortable experience like acupressure and tapping performed by an esthetician.

After shampooing and towel-drying, apply Excellence VEGF Plus (exclusive essence) to the scalp with a total of 20 pushes as a guide. Apply purified water to the skin from under the chin to below the ears along the face line, and from below the ears to the back shoulders before use. We recommend using Doctor Scalp once or twice a week. Excellence VEGF Plus is available daily.

STEP SP mode Level 1-2. Slide along the face line from below the chin to below the ears.

STEP SP mode Level 1-2. Slide it straight to the back shoulder. Do the same on the other side.
STEP SP mode Level 3-4. Slide from the temporal region to the back of the head in a circular motion.

STEP 4. MFIP mode. Slide from the front of the head to the back of the head several times for about 5 minutes.
Power Supply: 100v-240v
Frequency: 50hz/60hz
Power Consumption: Up to 12W
Output frequency: 80kHz
LED wave length: 620 mm (± 10)
Outer shape: 191 x 48 x 75
Body weight: 168g
Packaging: A set box with Excellence Vegf Plus+