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Dr. Fresco The Zeus

Dr. Fresco The Zeus

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Dr. Fresco The Zeus.

A new habit for beautiful bare skin "Dr. Fresco the Zeus.

Uses ultrasonic waves that are gentle on the skin. Special deep cleansing for daily care.
Not only the entire face but also back care, décolletage, hands, feet, etc. can be treated.
It removes dirt from the skin in 3 steps, smoothes the texture of the skin, and enhances the penetration of skincare and serum afterward.

Skin Scriber - 
Uses ultrasonic waves that are gentle on the skin.
Gently removes dirt and can be used not only for the entire face, but also for back care, décolletage, hands, and feet.
By removing dirt on the surface of the skin, it smoothes the texture of the skin and enhances the penetration of subsequent skincare and beauty essence.
Dr. Fresco Zazeus uses an amplitude of 30khz and vibrates 30.000 times per second.
Efficiently removes dirt from your skin by vibrating about 30,000 times per second.

3-step skin cleaning
1. With the power of ultrasonic negative ions, the special lotion "Aqua Healing" is applied to the dirt to create a skin environment where the dirt is easily removed.
2. Removes dirt with the power of ultrasonic waves.
3. The fine dirt left by the power of ultrasonic waves and positive ions is adsorbed on the cotton.

  • Accessories: Dedicated AC adapter / Micro USB cable