Dr.Arrivo Zeus II

Color Athena Rose
Style Machine with 40ml Serum

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Dr.Arrivo Zeus II.

An existence that makes a woman stand out like a single flower. It makes your self-confidence bloom beautifully.

The latest model in the "Dr. Arrivo" series.
The patented function "9-MFIP" has 16 types of current flowing from 9 elements, and leads to firm skin while mixing intricately.

Equipped with a new "RF" function from Zeus II, it gently warms the skin with a high-frequency current of 200kHz, promotes blood and lymph flow, and promotes metabolism.
The 3D Movable Head, which moves freely in all directions, adheres tightly along the curve of the face and uses a 24-karat gold element, which is said to have the highest affinity with the skin.

  • 9-MFIP - 
<Patent No. 5872741>
[Muscle exercise by MFIP] 9MFIP realizes ideal muscle exercise by warming the skin and repeating the contraction of facial muscles by slowing and slowing the electric current.

  • ULTRA PULSE - Insert pulse, EMS, and medium / high frequency are output from 9 elements at the same time.
  • RF - The face is the part that comes into contact with the outside air and is the part of the body that gets cold easily. The 200KHz current gently warms the skin and leads to healthy skin.
  • EMS - A weak alternating current repeatedly flows between the 9-pole elements, causing microwaves. 
The gentle wave works on the facial muscles.
  • led - Treatment with the wavelength of light supports healthy skin.
  • 24K Ap element - The surface is treated with 24K gold, which is said to have the highest affinity with the skin.
  • NFC tag - Introduction of authenticity judgment system by NFC tag. You can check the "serial number" by reading the built-in NFC tag with your smartphone.
  • 3D Movable Head - Uses a special head mechanism that moves freely in all directions. It adheres tightly along the curve of the face. Realized stress-free during treatment.
  • Metertech - At the same time as incorporating the profound feeling of metal, it has been delicately processed by Japanese plating technology.

Gift set package with 40ml PE Golden Beauty Massage gel.

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