Dr.Arrivo Ghost Premium

Color Swaro

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Dr.Arrivo Ghost Premium.

Beauty that accelerates.

The patented function "MFIP" expresses the experience of acupressure and tapping performed by an esthetician by intermittently sending an ultra pulse.
We use a 24-karat gold element that is said to have the highest affinity with the skin.

In addition, the head is larger, making it easier to use not only on the face but also on the body.

1. Delivering beauty ingredients - <Patent No. 5872741>

2. Light treatment - [LED] A treatment that uses the wavelength of light to support healthy skin.

3. Loosen the skin - [Vibration system] Even if you are not good at electrical stimulation, the vibration of the vibration will alleviate the electrical stimulation.

4. Align the face line - [EMS] A 
weak alternating current repeatedly flows between the four types of elements, causing microwaves. 
The gentle wave works on the facial muscles.

5. Warm the skin - [Medium / High Frequency] 
Warms the skin gently. Uses gentle 90kHz medium and high frequencies so as not to burden the skin.

  • Accessories: Dedicated AC adapter