Decorte Whitelogist Stick Serum

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Decorte Whitelogist Stick Serum.

A stick to target dark spots with pin-point accuracy. Converges densely, active kojic acid. Prevent dark spots from ever appearing.

This stick-type solid serum is able to treat dark spots with pin-point accuracy.
Rich formula adheres closely to skin just like a mask, continuously delivering active ingredients deep within skin.
Kojic Acid pedetrates skin to reach the melanocytes, blocking enzymes that stimulate excess melanin production, hence preventing dark spots and freckles from appearing.
Directly targets overactive melanocytes - the cause of dark spots.

  • Use as part of your skincare routine in the mornings and evenings, after applying face lotion to your skin. (If you are using skin whitening beauty lotions, please only use after the skin whitening beauty lotion has thoroughly blended in.)
  • Twist open to reveal about 5 mm of the stick, and directly apply a small amount to the skin, concentrating on the areas of the face where you want to prevent blemishes and freckles. (Apply it 2-3 times for each spot, spreading it on gently with a circle like motion.)
  • If the container won't twist round any more, please use something like a cotton swab to use it.
  • 4g