Decorte Snow Clarifier

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Decorte Snow Clarifier.

Purify and be transparent.
The brilliance of snow that is fresh on the skin.
New wipe beauty serum.

A fresh and transparent feeling like fresh snow that everyone longs for.
Gently polishes the skin after cleansing, giving fine and clear beauty without worrying about pores. Deep moisturizing makes you forget about dryness and tension. It also enhances the familiarity with the next skincare product.


● Please use for clean skin after cleansing. (You can also use it instead of face wash for morning care.)
● Soak cotton with the amount of pressing the pump 2-3 times, and use it to gently wipe the top of your skin.
* Carefully use the nose and chin where you are concerned about pores and roughness, and gently care for the area around the thin skin and eyes.