Decorte Rouge Decorte Liquid

Color 01 Signature Red Dewy

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Decorte Rouge Decorte Liquid.

Light and comfortable.
Gloss and matte skincare rouge.

Dewey Rouge - gives you a lively luster that blends with your bare lips with a fresh and light touch.

From "Rouge Decorte", which has abundant color development that empowers itself, with a focus on "attractive skin beautifully" with its own technology, "Rouge Decorte "
is a comfortable feeling that keeps you filled with light moisture while wearing it on your lips.
Humidified Rouge "Rouge Decorte Liquid" is born. Achieves a high-lasting effect by adopting
a "high-performance capsule prescription" that maintains moisture and color for a long time, which is unique to Cosme de Corte. With a flat-shaped tip that is particular about comfort and ease of application to the lips, a beautiful and uniform application film can be achieved with a single application.

Released on 7/16/2022


Stir the contents well with the attached tip before using.