Decorte Phytotune Clear Powder Wash

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Decorte Phytotune Clear Powder Wash.

An enzyme facial cleansing powder that leaves your skin feeling smooth, clearing blackheads and whiteheads from pores with a carbon lather.

Completely banish dirt from deep within your pores and dullness-causing old keratin, that normal facial cleanser can’t remove. Gives you translucent skin that’s smooth and supple.
The carbon lather brings everything to the surface, even blackheads deep within pores.
Contains the enzyme “protease”. Eliminates old keratin left on the skin surface, giving you skin free from problems like conspicuous rough patches, dullness, or pores.
Contains botanical facial cleansing ingredients. Gently envelopes sweat, sebum, and dirt on the skin surface, and even dirt deep within pores. Gentle to use does not burden the skin.
Contains essential oils. Refreshing herbal floral fragrance, subtly scented with sweet, fresh florals with a hint of herbal spices.