Decorte Perfumed Body Lotion

Style Kimono Tsuya Perfumed Body Lotion

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Decorte Perfumed Body Lotion.

The Essence of Eternal Elegance
Even in consciousness, let's wear it.

When you wear a kimono, you naturally become a beautiful and sophisticated self.
A graceful and pure charm full of dignity.
Bring the emotional beauty of Japan into your daily life just by wearing a scent.

All scents are blended with natural sublime rose essence (For Life certified*) to create an elegant depth.
A fragrance based on the “Japan accord” of flowers and fruits selected with a Japanese heart.

A modern and timeless fragrance series that colors your consciousness and mood every time you wear it.

And now, a body lotion and hand cream that will
prepare your skin and mind while comfortably wearing the scent and moisture of 5 types of fragrances . Daily care is also accompanied by a sophisticated fragrance that colors and polishes the heart.

200ml, released on Oct 16th, 2022

    Kimono Tsuya Perfumed Body Lotion
    -An elegant and delicate floral musk with a magnolia- like shine.
    Kimono Yui Perfumed Body Lotion
    -Prettiness tied to gentle happiness
    Transparent transparent floral spun from refreshing citrus fruit.
    Kimono Kihin Perfumed Body Lotion
    -Elegance filled with pride
    Like an elegant iris, an intelligent and noble floral chypre.
    Kimono Urara Perfumed Body Lotion
    -Glossy and endlessly gorgeous
    A lively fresh floral with mysterious water lilies and fresh apples.
    Kimono Rin Perfumed Body Lotion
    -A dignified presence
    A strong and graceful woody floral with a prologue of luscious plum