Decorte Lipsome Treatment Liquid
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Decorte Lipsome Treatment Liquid


Size 100ml

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DECORTÉ has been involved in research into multilamellar liposome technology for many years. For this new treatment liquid, we have developed a new liposome using two varieties of active phospholipid formulated with new beauty essences. The purpose of this development was to have a new, active effect directly on the stratum corneum.
The focus has been on “skin capacitors,” storage spaces for intercellular lipids that exist in the stratum corneum. Skin with small “skin capacitors” has a reduced ability to retain moisture, resulting in a state we have defined as “stratum corneum breakdown.” The effects of this product on the stratum corneum will reawaken the beauty of the skin.
This product is formulated to be biologically similar to the skin, allowing it to instantly penetrate throughout the entire stratum corneum. This highly functional treatment liquid brings the skin a wonderful feeling of revitalized energy.
It provides firmness and translucency and brings lasting moisturization and softness to the skin.