Decorte Liposome Advanced Repair Cream

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Decorte Moisture Liposome Advanced Repair Cream.

Beauty while you sleep.

1 trillion night capsules circulate through the skin, giving it dense firmness, luster, and elasticity.
Even if you are sleep deprived, your skin will look like you slept 3 hours more.

Luxuriously holding beauty ingredients in multiple layers. Layer by layer, it gently loosens the skin from the outside and continues to give off beauty. From the moment you apply it, it restores your skin beautifully and has an excellent shielding effect that keeps moisture in for a long time.

50g, release on Sep 16th, 2022

●Please use at the end of night care.
●Take an amount about 2 pearl grains onto the attached spatula or your fingertips, place it on the chin, both cheeks, nose and forehead, and spread it out so that it blends well.

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