Decorte IP Shot Advanced

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Decorte IP Shot Advanced.

Wrinkle-improving beauty essence filled with full elasticity and shine.

  • Evolved iP-Solution AD adopted. A highly functional "wrinkle improvement" beauty essence that firmly reaches areas of concern such as the eyes and mouth, improves "existing wrinkles", and changes the future of the skin. Wrinkle niacin approaches the dermis and epidermis.
  • Contains a new base ingredient that changes to a balm when mixed with lotion. With a concentrated feel, it instantly blends in and sticks to the wrinkles you care about like a pack. Allows beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.
  • Brings a firmness that pushes up, and fills with tension and dazzling luster as if wrinkles were taut. This is a sign of the first effect. The sign turns into a solid response, and the skin has a bright impression, wrapped in a lively and bouncy glow that does not make you feel age signs such as firmness, luster, and loss of moisture.
  • A soothing scent that harmonizes citrus, green, and woody with a refreshing effect in gentleness and a gorgeous floral cypre.

For morning and evening care, after moisturizing the skin with lotion, use an appropriate amount on areas where wrinkles are a concern, such as the eyes and mouth.
(When applying make-up, use a slightly smaller amount.)