Decorte Eye Glow Gem Skin Shadow

Color 01G winkle sand

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Decorte Eye Glow Gem Skin Shadow.

Become a shadow, become a light. Even the skeleton is beautiful.
Complete. Translucent glossy eye color with skin tone.

An eye color that brings a gradation of flowing brilliance and a wet luster to the eyes.
"Eye Glow Gem", which is loved by many people, has won numerous best cosmetics awards, and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, has evolved with new possibilities in its color development and texture. You can create your own color by encountering 30 skin tone colors that were born from the concept of base makeup that makes the skin and bones look beautiful by making the most of your bare skin. With a formulation that combines the benefits of both cream and powder and the unique new technology of Flexible Matrix Technology, it achieves a perfect fit and a beautiful finish, giving you a fresh, translucent radiance that lasts just like applying makeup. Manipulate light and shadow with one color to create three-dimensional eyes with a natural sculpted feel.

Release date: 2023/07/16


Dewy Glow

A translucent lustrous eye color that
colors the eyes three-dimensionally with luster and brilliance full of transparency.

Silky Matte

A silky matte eye color that gives a three-dimensional color
to the eyes with a soft texture that seems to be filled with moisture and light.