Decorte De la Vie Elegant Veil  Body Powder UV


Decorte De la Vie Elegant Veil Body Powder UV

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Body powder designed to provide ageing care. Also provides a soft focus effect for concerning discoloured or dull areas.
Contains flower silk powder, an original COSME DECORTÉ ingredient that is gentle on the skin. Melds gently to the skin, leaving it clear and smooth.
SPF20/PA++, so protects your body from UV damage. Also contains sebum absorbing powder, to control stickiness caused by sweat and sebum. Keeps your skin silky and comfortable all day long. Contains pink powder to create a soft focus effect, which conceals dullness and discolouration in concerning areas such as your neck, making your skin look full of life. Won't cake. Leaves your skin looking translucent.
Features the gorgeous fragrance of aromatic floral woody to keep you happy all day long even during those sweaty, smelly times of the year.

  • How to use - Lightly brush the surface to add a suitable amount of powder to the puff, then apply to skin evenly. Can also be used over sunscreen.
  • 15g