Decorte Dazzling Gem

Color 01 Moon Dew

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Decorte Dazzling Gem

Gathering all the light in the world, it resides on your skin. An eye color is born that will make your eyes shine with a dazzling brilliance that even jewelry would envy.

The secret to achieving a high-quality radiance that reflects light to the fullest lies in the richly sparkling pearls that reflect light without missing a beat, as if gold and silver were finely crushed.

No matter the angle, the high-quality sparkle and gloss enhance your facial features, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Release on July 16, 2024


01 Moon Dew
A champagne gold woven with the luxurious sparkle of gold and silver.

02 Starlit Shell
A pinkish beige woven with a variety of pearls including bronze, red, and gold.

03 Diamond Glory
A crystal silver with a dazzling clear sparkle like a diamond.