Covermark Jusme Color Lasting Makeup Base

Color B

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Covermark Jusme Color Lasting Makeup Base.

Makes the texture of the skin smooth and smooth.

A  make-up base that draws out beauty with a color design based on the "Jusme Color" theory that examines the depths of the skin. Choose <B> for blue base, and <Y> for yellow base.

SPF38 PA+++, 30g

    1. <Jusme Color> Based on the theory of skin color design, the harmony of the color with the bare skin gives the bare skin a lively brightness and draws it out.
    2.Smooth fit powder smoothes unevenness of the skin and gives a moderate brightness while fitting perfectly.
    3. With the soft focus effect of Sebum White Light Powder, the pores and uneven texture are not noticeable, and even if it gets wet with sebum, it will not become transparent, and the effect will last.
    4. Sebum coat powder selects and absorbs excess sebum, and the absorbed sebum forms a coating film that prevents shine and keeps the morning finish for a long time.
    5. Contains plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients): grape seed oil, angelica extract
    6. Prevents spots and freckles caused by UV rays. (SPF38 PA+++)
    7. Unscented