Covermark Jasmy Color Essence Foundation

Color BO00

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Covermark Jasmy Color Essence Foundation.

Moisturizing, transparent skin with a beauty essence-class feel.

With a color composition based on Covermark's original Jasmy Color theory, it surprisingly integrates with your skin from the moment you apply it, and it keeps your skin clear and transparent over time.

1. It spreads lightly and smoothly on rough skin due to irregular life and lack of sleep, fits snugly on the skin, and keeps a moist feeling for a long time.
2. W / O emulsified type with volatile oil as the main ingredient, which has excellent makeup retention.
3. Contains several types of plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients) that are formulated for rough skin.
4. Cuts UV rays to prevent spots and freckles. (SPF18 PA ++)
5. It is fragrance-free.